About Hendriks Recycling

VOF Metal Recycling Gebr. Hendriks was founded on April 28, 1995 by the brothers Dirk and Marinus Hendriks and is a real family business. We started on a small terrain with the storage and transhipment of iron and other scrap metals. After doing this for 5 years, we also started buying them from private individuals. This was a great success and the company was therefore expanded with a site and a warehouse. In addition, 7 years ago, the company started producing and selling its own line of trailers and special construction under the name GHC (Gebroeders Hendriks Coevorden) Trailers. The Weeelabex certificate was obtained on 11 August for the recycling of electronics and white goods. This makes us an exclusive recycling company as there are only 54 of these in the whole of the Netherlands and we are even the only ones in the province of Drenthe. In short, we are a recycling company that focuses on a future with a better environment through the correct and most environmentally responsible recycling of electronics, white goods and other metals.